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Maddening music. What is it? Is it an idea? A company? A charity? It's a little bit of all of those. You can find out more about those elements by clicking on The New Independent Music Collective, Publishing and Development or Donate to the Music Business here or above.   ...

We are lovers of music. We love music. No particular kind of music. We have wildly eclectic tastes. You can find out more about our artists and music using the links mentioned above.

But what about the rest of the site? Our plans are only a small part of it. If you follow the links above you will find many other parts of the site. Guides to the theory of music, acoustics, the recording studio and various other bits and pieces. Some of them may be more useful than others. Many of them were designed as handouts from the days when some of us taught music students and were originally designed to be discussed and have personal notes written on.

If you do have questions about them or if anyone would like to add to them please let us know. We hope this site will be useful to many people and encourage their love of music. We hope it will help to promote new independent music and new songwriters across the world. We hope it will lead to the discovery of new artists, new producers, new designers, managers, etc.

Viva la music.

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