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Room Acoustics - The Problem

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Dealing with Acoustic Room Treatment (Part 4)

How It Worked

At present we are unable to determine how successful our endeavors have been as many of the Helmholtz traps are still not in place and some are still being built.

The traps that have been installed were unable to be ideally placed for several reasons. Firstly, this is a television studio and so having such devices in shot is not an option. They therefore need to be placed out of sight.

Secondly, the preferred wall is awaiting the installation of a Blue Screen facility and until this is in place it is not known whether this wall is an option or not.

Other possible positions are obstructed by windows, white boards, etc.

Once the traps are installed in whatever locations however, we intend to repeat some of the earlier tests such as the clapping and also the recording and analysis of sine waves and pink noise.

So long as the same equipment is used for these recordings we should at least be able to determines whether any difference has been made although we may not be able to detect the full range of the effects.

However, the most important factor will be how it sounds subjectively. This is a working space and all the measurements in the world mean nothing if it doesn’t sound good on the final production.

This then will be the ultimate test of the success of our project.

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