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Accidental Line



B          E            A            D            G            C            F


The above series of notes can be used to identify the accidentals required for each major key signature.


For keys with sharps


Identify the letter name that alphabetically (not the one in the line above) precedes the key note, e.g. for D the preceding note is C. This preceding note and all notes to the right of it must be sharpened to make the key. In our example this means that C and F must be sharpened in order to make the scale/key signature for D Major.


For keys with flats


Identify the letter name to the right of the key-note in the line above, e.g. the note to the right of E is A. This new note and all to the left of it must be flattened. In our example then A, E and B must be flattened to make the key of Eb Major.


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